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Why Design + Planning With All Parties is vital from the start?

Many homeowners often make the common mistake of hiring an architect without involving a general contractor concurrently or shortly after. This can lead to project delays and cost overruns. The key issue here is a lack of awareness about the benefits of early contractor involvement.

When starting a project, people typically approach an architect for design services. While this is valid, it’s crucial to ensure the architect is well-established, experienced, and understands construction costs and timelines. Not involving a contractor early can result in issues such as insufficient planning, inaccurate cost estimates, miscommunication, design changes, and delays.

Architects may develop designs without considering the contractor’s input, leading to budget overruns. The redesign process can be time-consuming and costly, involving multiple consultants like structural engineers and interior designers.

This is especially problematic for clients needing quick project completion.

Involving a contractor early offers several benefits: budget advice, consultant recommendations, and a smoother project. Contractors’ networks help assemble a skilled team, speeding up the process, reducing costs, and avoiding surprises. Additional benefits include value engineering, specification development, permitting assistance, and guaranteed start dates with proper staffing.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Value Engineering & Subcontractor Involvement / Feedback
  • Specification Development
  • Permit Assistance
  • Guaranteed Start Date and Proper Staffing

Residential, Commercial & Custom Remodelling

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